Sundarbon Is One Of The Most Amazing Places To Travel

The Sundarbans is one of the world’s coastal mangrove forests with diverse wildlife. Tourists come from all over Bangladesh to enjoy the beauty of the Sundarbans. The presence of tourists from different countries of the world is not less either. Most of the Sundarbans tours start from Khulna. However, some tours are starting from Dhaka lately. The advantage of traveling from Dhaka is that you do not have to go to Khulna by bus separately, but you can start your journey by ship from Dhaka. This article will enlighten you about visiting Sundarbans from Dhaka, including things to do in Sundarbans.

The naming of Sundarbans, Area, and Location

The literal meaning of the word Sundarbans is the beautiful forest or beautiful jungle. But many may wonder why this forest wrapped in green got its name as Sundarbans?

There is an idea that the Sundarbans might have been named due to the wide availability of Sundari tree in the forest. Again, many people think that it may have got its name from the ancient tribes called “Samudra Ban” or “Chandra-bandhe.” Many people think that it can be named because of its natural beauty. It is generally believed that the Sundarbans are named after the abundance of a species of tree called the Sundari tree.

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